Amorevore Stories

COMING SOON: On the 4th July. Below you will find stories from world leading chefs to local producers, from philosophers to musicians. We invite you to add your story too.

Food matters. It brings community together. It sustains life. It connects humanity across borders. It is at the heart of our relationship with our planet, our family and ourselves. It is a window to the world. It is true love.

Our event Amorevore Food & Arts festival is a new family-friendly event taking place in Ibiza this October that puts food culture and artistic expression at its heart. Pronounced Am-ore-e-vore, the word is our concoction, but means someone who only eats food made with love.

We have invited Amoreavore’s across the world to join us in our blog hop.  On the 4th July this page will be filled with stories from foodies around the world and you join can them too. Just e-mail for details on how to join.