Daniela Prasuna Coppini and La Paloma Restaurant

La Paloma restaurant, Ibiza, is a ‘place to eat, talk, and feel the love’ – what better statement could there be to start the first Amorevore Food & Arts Festival Journal post with? Sara (Sarita) Andjelkovic, one of our wonderful Amorevore team members, spent some time with Prasuna – the enchanting co-founder of La Paloma, learning her food story.

After spending 20 years in a community in Italy, Prasuna came to Ibiza in 2000 to be with her young grandchildren, her daughter Mouji and her son in-law Amit. At the time, the only way she saw she could sustain herself financially was to cook, so Prasuna became involved with the restaurants in Ibiza. In her experience of the restaurant industry she had seen a focus on money without much care of the produce. This seeded in her a strong desire to open a new place where food was made and given with good intention – food made with love. Prasuna scoured the island introducing herself to everyone – ‘I’m an Italian cook and I’m looking for a place where I can express myself’.

A magical little house appeared in San Lorenzo and La Paloma was born. The restaurant is truly a family affair with Prasuna’s sister Sam Vega also being a co-founder, along with Mouji, Prasuna’s charming daughter and her dynamic husband Amit. Rolf Blackstadt – a prominent architect in Ibiza, supported the dream becoming a reality and designed the iconic La Paloma logo. Of key importance was to only prepare fresh food, nothing processed, so the earth was prepared and the vegetables started to grow.

This principle of using fresh ingredients informs the menu today. La Paloma does import top quality produce from Italy – such as capers from Pantelleria in Sicily, speciality ham and salami from a little farm in the heart of Chianti in Tuscany, and parmesan made in the traditional methods by a small family. Prasuna describes this produce as ‘pure medicine’. However, the rest of the food is as close to a KM0 philosophy as possible, and is guided by the seasons – reflected in La Paloma’s weekly changing menu. No butter is used in the kitchens of La Paloma – only homemade ghee, which Prasuna feels is a healthier option for cooking Mediterranean dishes such as risotto.

La Paloma restaurant opens for the season on March 21st – the new menu will feature xeixa (an heirloom variety of grain indigenous to the Balearics), peas, asparagus, wild fennel, verdura plant, edible flowers and aromatic herbs.

Amorevore Food & Arts festival is honoured to be working in partnership with La Paloma restaurant and the wonderful, warm family of Mouji, Amit and Prasuna. Visit La Paloma

“When you make good food it is a blessing. It is the basic alchemy of humanity”.
Amit, Co-founder – La Paloma


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